Coordinator Job Opening!

LCS is currently looking for a new coordinator. Send all applications to:

LCS Coordinator Duties and Responsibilities

1. Maintain relationships with members, volunteers, the board and be the public face of the CreatorSpace.

a. Create a welcoming and supportive atmosphere by getting to know our members, their expertise, and first names.

b. Keep a list of Volunteers and their expertise.

c. Routinely ask members their thoughts on what should be improved, replaced, or repaired.

d. Pay special attention to new members so that their first visits to the facility are productive and not frustrating.

e. Regularly communicate with board members about activity at the space.

2. Work to improve the CreatorSpace so that it better serves members.

a. Put in place processes, check sheets, or other organizational procedures such that routine needs of the space are accomplished.

b. Collect and summarize members and your thoughts about what changes or improvements should be considered for the Space. Present this information to the board.

3. Execute tasks required to manage our memberships.

a. Facilitate the new member and safety orientation process with a Board member.

b. Ensure that all paperwork is completed for new members and timely changes made to existing member's membership information.

c. Ensure that member information is filed and secure.

4. Manage the facilitators.

a. Assign tasks to be accomplished to improve the operation of our facility.

b. Assign tasks that help you achieve your goals and objectives.

c. Like other members, encourage facilitators to learn and grow their abilities in a manner that improves the organization’s ability to attract and serve members.

d. Regularly check in with the facilitators to ensure that they are working together and that their ideas and concerns are welcomed.

5. Be responsible for the overall condition of the facility and equipment.

a. Maintain a maintenance schedule for equipment that needs periodic maintenance.

b. Maintain a list and stock level of shop consumables.

c. Regularly walk the facility making note of the equipment that needs maintenance or repair.

d. Enlist the help of others that have the expertise to repair and service equipment.

e. Manage the assignment of Cubbies and Cubicles.

6. Growth of Membership.

a. Actively market our facility with promotional material, on social media, and by other means.

b. Actively participate in local events and forums in a way that our organization is visible and recognized.

c. Make specific recommendations regarding events to promote visitation to space.

Note: The Board reserves the right to modify or assign addition duties and responsibilities as the need arises.

Performance Metrics

1. Membership Growth

2. Membership Retention

3. Membership Satisfaction

4. Facility and Equipment Improvements

5. Equipment Uptime

6. Facility Cleanliness and Organization

7. Office and Record Organization

8. Facilitator Productivity

9. Volunteer Involvement