Donate your change @ Walmart's round-up program for charity

Donate your change by automatically rounding up your orders to the nearest dollar at checkout. Purchases made at Walmart can be rounded up to the nearest dollar (check a box during checkout) and these pennies/dimes/quarters go to Loveland CreatorSpace [501c3 non-profit].

Click on the 'ROUND-UP PROGRAM' link below and set up Loveland CreatorSpace as your charity (which is greatly appreciated).

Search for Loveland CreatorSpace or under zip code 80537 - Thanks!!!

Select the 'CLICK TO DONATE' button below to be redirected to a secure donation collection website.

Your generosity helps our organization grow and provides new capabilities and benefits to the Loveland Community.

All donations are tax-deductible.

Without donations from many people, our organization would not be able to add new equipment or facilities.


Items for Sale

All proceeds go to CreatorSpace to help pay the bills, update/upgrade equipment, and purchase consumable goods:

(bits/blades/filters/welding gas/printer filament/etc.)

Note: All CC purchases charge a fee (3-5%), eBay charges 12%, Facebook Marketplace is initiating a 10% fee for all items sold, and Craigslist has no fees. Sales tax is charged on all items sold. To help CreatorSpace get the most out of your purchase, contact our seller (Max) at We accept cash or credit cards at the space.

Click on the links below to see current CreatorSpace items for sale: